Monday, January 29, 2007

#2 is backed up!

I biked Red Man today,
they are logging the #2 trail a sign at the trail head says it will be closed during the week but open on the weekends. So it might be best to go in on the fire road instead of the cool 5' high almost vertical with roots wall that I usually climb to enter the little single track section. There were trees laying across the trail when I went though.It looks like the trail on the left of the fire rd in the pine forest is wiped out. On up a little farther is a fun really short loop on the right and it is messed up in the beginning and end, they also went up the hill, across from the short loop, its a minor inconvenience, I guess y.a.m.b.a. takes care of those trails and they do a good job getting things opened up again. That's all I know, don't know the projected area or time frame of the logging so riders beware.

Friday, January 26, 2007


Winter has arrived with all it's achy joints, it takes me a little longer to loosen up when its cold out. We have had flurries everyday this week it amounted to barely a dusting, I so enjoy watching it come down.I even acquired a new set of bindings for the board, unexpectedly, so I'm syked to go some where cool but funds are tight.

Last Saturday I rode the lower Brrrrrr, cold but the trails were super fast dry frozen! I was climbing, standing up and there was a spot the sun had warmed up enough to make it slippery , my rear wheel unexpectedly broke loose and I drove my knee into the fork. I walked it off and pedaled up the rest of the climb. By the time I got home my knee was the size of a cantaloupe, so I elevated it and put the ice-man on it.That was the routine for the next four nights it feels better today most of the fluid is gone and it feels more stable, its the knee I just had surgery on,I haven't had it blow up and feel that way since I recked it, scary.

This week I worked on an idea I've had for a side chair, I made the arm chair above over the summer and I want a side chair to go along with it. I might tweak some things but over all happy, it's comfy.

I have been checking this guy's blog out lately, he's a woodworker, I like the way he writes.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy New Rides

Another new year,
Strap in for next instalment of stupid shit.
Where the fuck is bin ladin !!?! and what the fuck is up with our country? inside it's borders and out?!

I opened this hoppy bottle that is 07 by going to G.S.L a skate park in D.C.
I used to dream about parks like this, now there all over the country , the world really, and this area is finally catching up.

Last weekend I went to an art opening, it was really a 2006 photo collective, of Sam Holden's work, racy photos with a punk rock and roll feel, he brings the good Baltimore alternative vibe.It was at Shinola, I think this place doubles as a tattoo shop it was cool and they were handing out free naty boh's and wine.It's near Brewers Art, over on Park ave.
Its a must if you like big hair hot woman and good photography.

The temps have come down a little this week so I am praying the trails will firm up in a day or two. Some how, one way or another ,I wanna keep spinnin wheels.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Skate'n Again

Wow this is the warmest winter in a long time.
I'm not much of a cold weather person so I shouldn't complain but it means its wet all the time, I'd like a good freeze to get the trails right again.Yeah

This is road riding season around here anyway, so I have been riding the Quickbeam fixed around Prettyboy reservoir and my dirt rd. loop and junk.

And my neighbor T.G moved his 1/4 pipes into this old barracks that the previous owners of the

property had bought from the army over at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, in the seventies I think.

It's a long concrete slab that's pretty smooth, he painted the floor with tennis court paint left over from a job, its a nice surface, not real slippery or too grippe.

It's been growing pretty fast really, I mean the set up of ramps.

It's basically ramps with a speed hump in the middle. It's not without effort,

you can create some fun speed and a good workout.

It has three ramps with concrete pool coping,

two of them are narrow chalky slabs and the slant wall, is the same stuff Brad had on his ramp at the ranch back in the day, un skated though. I think he got the left overs from Bruce's ramps. I love laying into it!

Grinding pool coping is nothing short of erotic and unforgiving at the same time.

And the small 1/4 pipe and snow plow hip have metal pipe coping that grinds well.

pics are from Saturday night's holidays jam.