Thursday, August 25, 2005

The start of the SSWC05.Some wise apple attached a tube to his chain stay that housed a green smoke bomb, or tube if you will, quite funny and creative. Their were some "smart" dressers there as well. Posted by Picasa

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Joe at the start of the SSWC05, I dont remember taking this peticular shot I think it was a point and shoot,peaple were coming by not real fast, but in a short space, so it was hard to get pics of the ones I know. Posted by Picasa

Ricky AKA gold member at the start of the SSWC05. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The end of an era.

The KHS ridged hard tail that I bought new with my own money in 1995 past away saterday.This , on the eve of an epic trip to State College PA to watch friends race the single speed world championship.
The thinest part broke,I was giving it the once over before aia left and discoverd a hair line crack behind the replacable drop out, I pushed on it to see how bad it really was and it came wright off, along with my spirit,so many reasons for not making this trip,its crazy when I think about it.
Good damn thing I saw it when I did because the trails in state college uleashed a beating that wont be soon forgotten.
I threw together my parts on an old Diamond Back frame that I never rode before, and missed my ride to PA in the prosess. I Considerd bailing many times.Put it together packed my stuff and bolted solo.
I had a killer night meeting peaple and camping on a ridge with radio towers , I guess thats what they were,woke up and went to the race parking lot ,watched the start and headed out with a group of peaple I didnt know to sweep the course.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I've started working on this bowl it's a wedding gift.The wood is History/Lore:
The Catalpa tree is found in forests from southern Illinois and Indiana to western Tennessee and Arkansas. First cultivated in 1754, the wood was used for fence posts and railroad ties because of it's resistance to rot coupled with the fast growth rate of the tree. In the south, Catalpa trees are traditional sources of fish bait. Catalpa worms, the larvae of Catalpa Sphinx Moths, are eagerly sought in early summer by anglers
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I wove the seat on the high chair,seen two postings ago, with hickory bark yesterday and delivered it. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Saturday I took the eat a peach challenge .
I did it two years ago on the cross check pretty much by myself, it was fun.A-Fish was working the shock trauma rest stop.
This year she wanted to do it, cool I'll do it with you! I said.
Her on her surly and me on the Quickbeam we headed out around eight thirty am. It is fun to do a ride in unfamiliar territory, and with good company it is great.
The forty five $ entrance fee was no problem, just earlier this week a long time friend's mom went in to university of md. to have a growth,tumor removed from the side of her brain,her mom had the same condition years ago and didn't survive, relieved to report she is recovering fine with no adverse side effects.
I was able to donate to the cause and have a sweet pedal in Carroll county. After that we went to Clipper City for a tour of their beer making process,I wasn't really looking forward to it, I kinda just wanted to get home but man it was fun,I have a much better appreciation of what goes into it financially,physically and mentally. Hugh is really pushing the balto. Craft beer seen to a connoisseur level.
We got to try the beer before during and after the tour,and not little sample cups, full twelve ouncers! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Today I put an oil finish,the can says natural, it's not a clear finish it has an amber hugh(?) to it, (but it doesn't change the color of the piece) on three chairs I've been working on this last month.
Two adult and one high chair,made of cherry.(See the logs I saw in the April edition of this blog.)
The Wood just pops when the oil goes on .I think it's real close to what it looks like when green and split,the character of these chairs really comes out.
Before I put finish on them I pinned the back slats, that I steam bent to fit last week.
I leveled them so they won't rock, and trimmed the ends of the posts.
Next I want to spray them with lacquer,not very green I know, but it keeps them from becoming dirty. Then weave the seats. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 07, 2005

A beautiful coat of MD. PA. rail trail crush and run. Posted by Picasa

Fifty x check

I haven't been riding much due to injury and heat and feeling discouraged by the knee thing today was the day,excited to ride solo and wander about.I took the cross check ( out been a while and I've missed riding it. We rode together last week for the first time in months and it was a sweet reunion. I"ve decided to ride it more being my only geared bike, my knee thanks me. I should have ridden it more but the QuickBeam( and the ss.m.t.b took priority.I feel a little guilty, she's been so good to me.
Off we went heading to the sometimes mundane,methodical N.C.R trail in White Hall. I new I wanted to head north, Glen Rock seemed like a good distance, it's like eighteen or so from my straw shack.
Its all climbing from White Hall to New Freedom then she descends like nobody's business, well it feels good when you get over the hump, like fresh legs and smooth sailing,a section before G-Rock I was rolling twenty five-six millsperher, I am by no means bragging numbers today, It just felt really good to be riding , I wore a big grin the entire time.
I reached destination and wanted more,I think it was in the back of my head before I threw a leg over that I wanted to waste myself,not the brightest thing to do when your out of shape, but that bike and trail are pretty forgiving.
So I figured twenty five was a good place to turn around.
I have ridden to G-Rock a number of times, but only once before had I gone farther,(I went to Lake Redman) so I felt all adventurous and junk,saw some cool bike sculptures that were really big and soaked up the unfamiliar scenery,back yard gardens busting, streams wet and graceful, hit 25 on the computer coasted to a tenth and turned around,knowing that this is when the work begins. Climbing and there is a head wind,aha, that's why I was rolling so fast. Whatever its still a rail trail and its what I want to do.I ride through a rain shower ,It doesn't cool things down but its fun to be in the elements.
I 'm happy to arrive in New Freedom and start the decent, and again it's like a fresh start,sort of. Blow back to W-Hall you can haul asss on that trail! But I'm feeling it, the leg cramps are beckoning,so I coast a bit and try to work them out,it helps but they end up doing me in,had to stop twice on the road climb home and regroup. So be it, I knew it would happen when I walked out the door, weird I didn't feel bonked just my legs had enough.

That was a super fun ride on the N.C.R.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Chain ring

Having trouble finding "that" chain ring or want one with your own personal twist?