Friday, September 05, 2008

T.S. Hannabofatfanna

We left last Saturday for Frisco N.C, we go every year this time, and it was raining all day due to T.S Fay on Friday while we loaded the truck.

Here it is Friday and we are back home,drove in and out of the outer bands of T.S Hanna, get home , unload and it starts to rain she really was chasing us down. first time we ever came home early because of a storm, and we could have stayed through it but why drive in 30mph plus winds and driving rain, why wait out something that could linger? We were blessed with an absolutely beautiful week.

Surfed every day, got to ride with Art and Brueck in some killer warm head high crumblers and wondered what the hell I was doing in some over head crushers at Roadanth and Buxton.

Man, I had to take these pics at the groins in Buxton , the water was immaculate, and I almost want to apologise for the tourist picture of the Light House, something about it , you feel a need to take it.

This is the South side of the cape, we had a new moon and the tides were reacting to it, real high and real low, with a tropical storm off shore made for strong side shore currents and produced waves on around the hook, first time I have seen this and the pros and cameras were there to catch it.

please click on this pic, it almost does it justice, the size and the natural beauty, I have never been to Hawaii but this looks like so many pictures I have seen of it.

Fishing on the edge of the earth.

Wednesday in Rodanthe the winds backed off to the west, with the east swell, perfection.

yeah some one is in there
more pics from the week can be found here.Big Hell Yeahs to rickyd and all the eastern SSers that rep'ed at the worlds recently


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