Tuesday, February 20, 2007


This is my day, like it or not, it's the one I arrived on it might be the only thing that was ever really given to me and I wont be surprised when I have to pay for it too.

A-Fish and I celebrated something that happened thirty eight years ago today, pretty weird, just like everyone out there has an opportunity to do once a year every year. bfd right? right.

So we went snowboarding. This is the second time this year, now don't forget it wasn't that long ago I was biking trail when it's usually trashed from winter weather but this year was like man how those ski places gonna survive with all this global warming?!!

And it was killer~~~~

it warmed up into the forties, fast with no ice.

So with one trip to Round top and the other mentioned above and some super fun rail sledding and tobogganing 360's I hope the snow continues.