Saturday, November 26, 2005

Tuesday I had this staple removed from my knee, it was helping to secure the a.c.l allegraph I got last November. It is an inch long and about 3/8th's wide,I was surprised it was as long as it is.Thursday "T" day, we had our first snow, a good dusting,I always enjoy seeing it come down,and our pre Thanksgivin day ride was a blast,the knee held up great,Wednesday it hurt pretty bad,like I had been hit in the shin with a hammer,but it was much better "T"day than I thought it would be, so I met four others at the lower loch raven trails for an excelent ride,no snow down there though,just a bit wet,I was looking forward to a pedel in the snow.I went home to the warmth,cleaned up and went to two turky dinners, happy and full,of food my new bike and knee. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Good Riding

I haven't been taking enough pic's lately, I have a great appreciation to the photog's out there, one wouldn't think that so much goes into a shot but try biking,skating,whatever, and stop to take a shot when truly inspired,
it's hard,
it means you blow your line and the juice that goes with it.
Now your probably expecting a great pic, I got nothin, from this weekend.

A great bike end it was, Red Man on Saturday,tough, wet, icy/frosty at two pm. Leafy,greasy and a feeling I was running square wheels.
Then I go to Lower Lock Raven at ten thirty today,Sunday,
meet Cevert's and Sean and kill some dry,fast,not so leafy,fast,single speed religionalistical,perfect fall trail.
When my Locher connection split to Santa Fe I was bummed. I know the trails there but it's more fun getting dragged though the woods not thinking about any thing but keeping up, not having to make the executive decision that, this will tie to that or what's the line I feel like taking today,none of that, just ride your ass off knowing that the leader is gonna hook it up super fun style!
So I rode with my connections counter part C.S.
It was like old times ,those trails rip! And hold up nicely in the change of seasons.
It's supposed to turn to total S weather this week, so that might have been the last dry un frozen ride for a long time.
Next ride is scheduled for Thanks giving morn and it looks like rain and snow/sleet showers (slain), I cant wait!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Saterday I went to Fair Hill,and it was super fun,single speed city.Don't be fooled by the gravel in the pic there is plenty of ripping single track, Sunday Mrs. Fisher and I took the geared bikes (crossxchecks) to Lake Red Dog and enjoyed the warm fall temps.The trails ar'nt as leafy I expexted. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Over the weekend Amelia and I did an over nighter on the C&O Canal with seven couples,we didnt know everyone and it was a blast it was great to see the girls enjoying the ride and the surroundings.The weather was warm for this time of year and the fall colors were going off! Thanks to the organizers. Posted by Picasa

Much fun! This is the girls start in Cumberland Saterday morning. The smoke is from the train,a cool old steam engine that had a great whistle, it was doing fall leaf changing tours, colors.  Posted by Picasa

The girls heading off on the second day. Posted by Picasa

The Clarkson camp at stickpile hill camping spot. Posted by Picasa