Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I watched the"Flying Scotsman" last night, the Graeme Obree story.
There was a write up in I think in "Bike" mag a few years ago and I was so taken, the pic I tore out of the mag of him leaning over one of his hand made bikes and hand made light, sort of looks like a spot light, still remains on the refrigerator.
In September I saw that there was a book out about him and I ordered it, Amazon gave me an expected delivery in November-?-.Then the movie caught my eye, an I.F.C flick, was terrified of being disappointed and was not.
Fastest man on earth,designs and builds his own bikes and rides his own way, tearing down all walls of "how it should be done"

Monday, September 10, 2007

Congrats to team Single Speed Outlaw for staying true and following the SSWC wherever it may take them, no doubt they represented the mid Atlantic misfits and rage rs with style.

Afish and I were not traveling to killer mtb trails/rides but did do our yearly trip to the Outer Banks of NC, I love it down there and this time of year is incredible.

Gabriel fed us with a swell that built all week, the south facing beaches were clean and reeling waist to head high surf.I want to share some pics.

The Currituck skate park, Maple park.

On the cape looking south west you can see Frisco where we stayed, and Hatteras Village at the end of the Island. Miss Fisher getting us some dinner.

We took the dogs this time, they had a blast!

Frisco Pier

Always good to meet people that appreciate our local beer.

I miss my bike.