Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Jamis Exile 29er ss

I was biking , had some fun rides, lots of Red Man and Loch Raven, the upper is super fun,and even got to a Wednesday night ride at Patapsaco, until I did an air over a water bar at Lake Red Man and snapped my frame, almost completely through.

I was shocked, it wasn't a huge air,hell I took bigger hits than that when I rode the Pisgah and never left the ground. Lake Red Man is not known for breaking frames.

Sucks cause I really liked that frame, the geometry, I looked at a lot of bikes, comparing
goe and it's hard to know what it is that is IT ya know?

My first 29er and all that thinking and looking at different stuff surprisingly seemed to pay off.
Until I ride something else and love it then I'll be blown out of the water and reconsidering things.Till then I really dig this frame.

When I bought it I was a bit suspicious, some high stress areas of it seemed thin to me.

Why not the gusset?seems like the gusset would be easy enough to slap on there, one more set up though I guess, that takes time and time is......... worth a lot more than money but lets just say here" money".

The good news is that Jamis is going to replace it with an 08, I hope to get it late September early October, supposedly the geometry is the same but the down tube configuration has changed, the tube comes up to the top tube then goes to the head tube, allot of there 08 offerings have this. It also has the gusset but the pic I saw in the shops 08 catalog , it was hard to tell, but it looked like a really small gusset, we will see, I am not a fan of that down tube style I don't think it looks good and I have seen similar designs fail. Why not just a big honking gusset?