Monday, November 20, 2006

Loch Raven

Trails at the Locher were ok today, the single track was fast and clear of leafy debri.

The climbs were slow, the line has been washed away. They consisted of spotty; clay, sand, thick leaves, baby heads and shale, not in a forgiving order

This is a fun section, it's after you blow down the Tim Wise Memorial, you ride about about four miles of rolling single track.

Cruise over those two log piles, the first one's awkward, then rap around this tree while pushing the juice into your pedals.

The left by the downed tree is the start of a short easy climb, the left gives kindofa banked wall feel when hit fast.

Here's a water shot, now that the leaves are gone you see a lot more. It was getting dark so I had to lighten this pic up.

The next ride is scheduled for Thanksgiving morning, an annual ride that brings some guys I used to ride with a lot back together.

Unless I can squeeze a ride at Red Man in, it's the holidayz treat yourself!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Back in the middle of July I rode up the N.C.R to Seven Valleys PA. there are these giant bike sculptures. Up a bit farther thier is an old stone railroad tunnel thats pretty nice, I want to ride up thier again, it's been a couple years since I went farther than here.
Well summer is over and hopfully the rain for a while too, we got pounded Thursday.
I have been itching to ride and things are drying out very slowly.
I rode up to the cabins today with T.G and Layton, another place I havent been in a long while and the trails were fine, we had so much rain at once it washed any loose stuff off.
Todd has a bunch of quarter pipes set up in his garage and we skated after the ride, drank a bunch of beers too.
Loch Raven tommorow, trails should be stiffend up enough, there's always the fire road.

Lake RedMan trails, York PA.