Monday, February 28, 2005

The Ice Man is my savior gets the fluid down better than any ice bag ever did Posted by Hello

Snowing hard with little accumulation, beautiful!!! Love to watch it come down.
Went to physical therapy today,it was pretty good, I like this place, lots of windows and on the third floor. It's coming along well! I had a.c.l reconstruction surgery fifteen weeks ago my second one same knee, still not half way to full recovery ,that's supposed to be nine months or so, my doc's protocol is not real aggressive wich is fine I want to heal up to be better than before, and I don't do much this time of year any way the winter weather can be real crap around the north county, try to get many back road\dirt road rides on the crosscheck as I can and trail when its frozen,no trail yet this year,don't want to wreck a new a.c.l .I have over done it once and it sucks not knowing if it's messed up or over worked

Sunday, February 27, 2005


Uh ohhh this might be a mess! First post of ?
Lets see..... Well, drank a bit tonight ,only difference it was out side of the compound, watched the Maryland N.C game at the bar,not a big sports fan,love it when the home team wins though,......we lost.It seems like the times I go to watch a home town sports event with my girl there is a friend there that is for the other side its been so bad that the whole bar was for the opposing team and I felt like an outsider or the only one routin for the others is with us really uncomfortable! These are all home teams at home establishmentsWAC!!!
again I don't much get into mainstream sports.Bikes and beer, surf and sand, me and the d.o.g the river and some beers good sport there.