Monday, October 17, 2005

Surfed O.C Maryland this weekend, picture is from 15th street Saturday morning. Click the pic. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 14, 2005

Devils Bridge Point Antigua W.I Posted by Picasa

Indian Town Point Posted by Picasa


I just returned from an incredible journey to the West Indies. Amelia and I stayed with her aunt,she has lived there for about fifteen years and it seems to serve her well,she seems comfortable with her surroundings .
We stayed with a local in the off season, we were excepted and felt welcomed by her friends.That meant alot to us.
Whenever I have traveled I try to live or experience life like the locals. No Sandels resort for us.We had a rental car and each night we were pointed in a direction that promised good views,food and adventure.Even with out her Aunts advice it's hard to make waste of a day on that Island.
Being interested in 17 & 18th century furniture/building techniques, kept me interested and looking all the time, the Dock Yard is incredible, it's a walk back in time to pirates and explores. Of course that also brings on a gut wrenching awareness of how horribly people were treated. Man kind is capable of so many incredible tasks, I cant understand why they so often are negative and oppressive.
The Caribbean is so beautiful, we snorkeled a lot ,the only time I did that before was in the stream or on the Outer Banks where I only saw stream bottom or crabs, which is cool too.
I saw a lot of fish but I think the reefs were dead so it wasn't like I though it would be, still, awesome.

Flying into Antigua. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I just returned from Antigua W.I. More to come! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The groom and his best man,an hour or so before the wedding.This was truely an epic day ,a day to celabrate life and those we have lost,never forget the peaple you've met and that your so fortunate to have spent any amount of time with them.Peaple came from all over, A-Fish's crew flew in from up and down the east coast, Bradly came out from Jackson Hole unbelevable!! I cant thank everyone enough, and to people who couldnt make it but wanted to,you were thought of and missed but their is a much bigger picture than just us. I am happy and excited for ya! Posted by Picasa

Wedding back drop

I made these for a wedding that took place Saturday on a beautiful farm in Freeland, where the bride grew up wood on the fans ,the vertical pieces are red oak except for the center one ,it's cedar, the horizontal's are cherry.
On the arch the verticals are cherry and the arch is the red oak. All the wood came to me locally from friends and relatives property. Posted by Picasa

The future Ms. Clarkson

The beautiful bride getting ready for her wedding. Posted by Picasa