Saturday, June 25, 2005

Poker Run

I want to thank fatmarc over at Bikecentric (blog) for the headsup.I'm not sure who he is, what he does or even smells like,but I took his advice and went to this Fair Hill park place in the extreme North East corner of beautiful Maryland.I never heard of this park before and that's surprising cause it's a fun place,it's like an hour+ away and very well maintained got there at seven thirty am's paid my fifteen bucks to ride sweet single track that was well marked,departed at eight fifteen and rode twenty-five mils of amusement park.It wasn't real technical,no crushing climbs, just me and the hard tail two to one ridged, the trails are super single friendly and you could run a way toughfer gere still. There is a race coming up, and if your thinking about trying a race this would be a great place to start. .I'm stoked cause it's the longest off rode ride I've done since the A.C.L surgery.

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The trails at Fair Hill are so groomed and fast,you can tell the seen there is organized and dedicated.It's cool to see riders on horse,the horse trails were there long before the bike and they coexist nicely,quit a few of the trails I rode had sighns "Not for equestrian use" or "No four leggers" .Posted by Hello

The trails at Fair Hill are kick ass, this tunnel was cool, there were lots of bridges,twisty single track,open field sections,the trails there seemed endless. Posted by Hello

post ride

The hand delt to me was crap, so when I returned to the vehic and opened the cooler I made early this morning I realized this is a great hand.
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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Had a long weekend at the beach,it's alot cooler there, the ocean water is around sixty two.We mannaged to go in a bunch of times but brrrrrrr.Back to typical hell fire humidity here,I took the dog for a long walk in the Gun Powder yesterday evening and fished while he did his wild man thing ,he loves it.I dont have any A.C so the river is a great relief. Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sunday,kind of hot, best to stay in the shade. Posted by Hello

Harford Co. destination Carea rd. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Good form, heavy concentration, and alot of finnese will bring good results,the field is full of obsticals. Posted by Hello

Sunday was fun, threw some disc at the Pond Jump,Drew has set up a frisbe golf course,using natural targets as the pin.I got a bit tipsy, and recked the cart into a dog wood tree,we all survived unscathed,my pride was busted up the most.I think it looked worse than it was,every thing was ejected,there were empties and shirts laying all around. Posted by Hello