Thursday, June 21, 2007

Western N.C

Lots of water falls

Last week I was in the Asheville NC area for a class at C.W, I was supposed to be there Sunday but had some xtra time and really wanted to bike some trails down there so I left Thursday.I camped at North Mills River there are a bunch of trail heads so I didn't have to drive to get in killer ride.

Hot Springs
I set up my livings and headed out on the bike to the Trace Ridge trail which combines three other trails, the trail head was a short ride up the fire rd. easy access, and a long gradual climb, steep at times. I got back to the livings and enjoyed a much earned beer.
That night I experienced the best out door sleep one could wish for.

The next day I rode the highly anticipated Laurel Mountain trail, see I brought every thing I need to ride my bike in a self sufficient manner except the bite valve to my camel back,so I packed two bottles of water in. It was barely enough, a really steamy day and a ten mile climb. Near the summit there is a hikeabike that will huurt ya, then its like two miles of this crazy switch back down hill, this whole trail reminded me so much of Moab,when I was there years ago,I know you cant compare the two but something about it.

some of the view on the Laurel Mountain trail
Then for Saturday I rode the Flat Laurel Creek trail, this thing was sick nothing but humps and turns a three and a half mile gradual down hill that dumps you out on the road and you ride the Blue Ridge Prkwy back, past the Devils Courthouse, through a tunnel and then a crushing road climb, it's all above 5,000' and if you know a little bit about Appalachia, you know that's Tits
In Asheville I drank drafts of Two Headed Ale, the IPA, that stuff is soo good ,my new favorite Pale Ale, and ate some great food at different places, I always have fun in Asheville and the food is the best.

Then off to C.W to learn some carving, this stuff is so unique, it was done with great efficiency and skill.Before electric power tools thing were done in a manner that lends the wood to itself, the pieces were put together in a way that the wood works with itself to hold using some bone dry parts ( pins or tenons) and wetter parts in assembly, and the green wood is much easier to work with than dry.
I cant say enough about this place, it's an earthy experience.

The view over Louis's gardens on a misty mountain morning.