Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Good Read

I saw this on the Fuel Channel just after my surgery and immediately went online for the purchase. It was one of the things that got me through. If you grew up in the eighties a middle aged teen and rode a skate ,this promises to be a real step back to those days. My first board came with Sure Grip trucks, they sucked, I liked the way Gull Wings turned but had plastic base plates, and I think were pricey,so I never owned a pair, I didn't like Trackers at all,then my first board of quality came along, a Powell riper, had a skeleton ripping it's way out of some colored graphics, it was a cool graphic to a fifteen year old, and it came with Indies,I never looked back ,grinded more than a few sets down to the axle and beyond .This book tells it like it was loaded with big glossies and round ups of the adds they came out with,brings back memories of flippen through Thrasher Mag. It has write ups of the skaters that rode for them,how they acquired team members,and even words by local Derek Krasauskas on Bucky Lasek, pretty cool. Posted by Hello

Monday, April 18, 2005

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Sunday A.Fish and I went to Philly to check out the Philadelphia Furniture and Furnishing Show,I have an oportunity to be an exibitor and wanted to check it out first.On the way out I wanted to stop at F.D.R, the east coast version of Oregon's famed Burnside skate park.This place rips, I love tight, raw underground parks, it's the essence of skating. Posted by Hello

Friday, April 15, 2005

Wednesday ride

Lower Loch saw me and the s.s m.t.b Wednesday afternoon the first time in six months.
This ride turned out to be more than just a reunion of old ways,it was over the top fun!
To me this is the best time of year to ride,that is when the weather cooperates.
Winter temps are gone, the woods are barren, so visibility is at it's max,and the trails are washed clean of last summer and fall's debrie.
I got to ride my old fave's and some new stuff the local showed me. The new trail is a lolly pop with like a half mile of this crazy off camber(to the right) that will need some work to survive, but this trail has major potential there are these hucking hits ,some sick shit, whoever made them did a nice job,big airs over bigger rock out cropping, any way you don't have to commit to them ,you can ride the drop in's, these are fun shuts that you could air into or ride over the vert into a steep decent to a power pump through the bottom to air out. A lot of rhythm sections.

So today I went to the brewery picked up a keg of gold, worked and rode my dirt road loop, beautiful, a hell of a lot better than waiting in line to pay the tax man.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Bobs Portable Saw Mill

Bob edging an eight quarter cherry plank. Posted by Hello

Bobs Portable Saw Mill

Bob sawing a cherry log for me. Nice guy ,he knows his stuff too. Posted by Hello

Saw Mill

Sunday I went to the mill,Bobs Portable Saw Mill,that is,its cheaper for me to go to him. I have been gradually gaining inventory of whole logs that people have offered up to me, they would otherwise be firewood.Three cherry logs an apple and a dog wood, an awesome selection of domestic woods. Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Tuesday eve ride

I rode the dirt road loop with Layton on Tuesday. It was super fun ,fast as hell, we had around four inches of rain on Friday and Saturday, so the dirt roads were striped down to the hardest of hard pack, and in the center and sides,and scattered about, were the marbles, very sketchy, computer said twenty miles.
A couple people were meeting up on Wednesday at the upper loop,trails, but I worked all day and went to P.T after.