Tuesday, February 05, 2008


-WOW -

Alot has happened since the fall. Tons of good riding went down, then we bought a house and I got some chunks in my knee. We sorted it out so we had thirty-some days before we moved in.

We really wanted to do the floors and paint before we moved any furniture in, it worked out pretty good.There was also some roof shingles that had been worn away by a limb and some banged up flashing that was letting rain water in just enough to stain and lift the paint.So I definatly wanted to patch that stuff before the remnants of any hurricanes or the soon to come winter storm blew through.We striped the paint off the trim in one room,it would have been nice to do it all but there just wasnt enough time.

It was totally worth it,looks killer. All of the woodwork is Yellow Pine.

I was able to work out the chunks in my knee just about the time I got my new frame then the weather changed and the time change made riding real hard to squeeze in. I still have only gotten a few rides but man I like it, the twenty nine is so fast, I read a discription the other day "riding a 29er is like riding in a bike not on a bike", yeah like that. I had some pics but cant find them , Ill post some.

We spend so much of our hard earned money on insurance these days, my parents wernt burdened with this excesive spending for somthing that "might happen", I am not talking just about health either.I try not to think about how much moore comfy I could live not paying as much as I do for somthing I never use.But I know nothings gonna change when the politicians are paying out equally to each party. hillery is fourth in recieving the large sums, wasnt she suposed to fix health insurance when bill was in there?
Here is a bike tool for the rider. wewe

64mm turns 100, never disapionts.
Stay Calm
Carry On


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