Saturday, March 18, 2006

Today, Saturday, saw me at Fair Hill.
T.G called the other day and asked if I wanted to go, he said he just picked up a new bike from Joe's Bike shop, the 2006 Bianchi S.S. It has a white almost pearl paint with a Reba that is more so pearl essent, It's a killer bike, the fork looks tough and light.
Todd is notorious for saying he will do something and never doing it, not really things that others are relying on him for but his own endeavors, well this new bike thing has gone on for years, on his last bike the bottom bracket siezed on so even though it creaked like it was going to die he couldn't put a new one in cause the old one wouldn't come out, this sums up his old ride ,when it worked he rode the hell out of it, the fork is a Judy that had never been serviced, I am surprised it never snapped.
I am really syked for him, few things in life are as good as a new ride that you like.
Fair Hill is a zen like place, twisty single track, its rare to go straight, you ride your tires edge to edge and a natural rhythm consumes, hard climbs are not the order of the day but there is a huge threat of clocking a tree, I could see that happening. A great way to end the winter and welcome spring time.
Spring is my favorite time to ride, the trails are free of leaves and most debris and the weather finally gives way to great biking conditions.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Off Rd. To Athens

random pic

Yesterday I went to town to see Off Road To Athens at the Charles. I highly recommend seeing it, the director was there along with some other industry folk, one of which I spoke with ,Chris Eatough, six time world champ of the solo twenty four hour race! six time! Super nice and approachable, I think most of the pro's are, as Joe said (tongue in cheek),that's because there is no money in biking here in the states,compared to other sports. It's a real shame, I'd miss a day of work to watch a race go by my front door, anyway I am inspired .
Let's ride!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I rode the Watershed the other weekend with Joe and Stoner, it was tough, that place is relentless compared to what I am used to riding, quite technical too, people have made these fun ramps with stacked rocks that lead into boulder gardens, sketchy fun. Oh and the Death March, it's a mile and two tenths climb, and on that day it was just soft enough and steep enough to make me feel like I was dragging a couple bricks, this is a shot of the Outlaw at the top of it.

I also found out from my cousin who while in Germany did a bit of digging on our family blood line. There are the Eisenbrandt's who were wood workers making mostly musical instruments. And there is Frederick Eisenbrandt who opened a bike shop in Baltimore in the early 1800's.

Last months snow storm was extremly short lived but we made the most of it.

A.Fish did a 7.25 mile trail run in Reading P.A her first one, she doesnt even train in the woods, the N.C.R. trail but thats not the same. The Ugly Mudder it was fun but corny. On the way home she nailed a sighn for Stoudt's Brewery,
I have been wanting to go there.