Monday, May 07, 2007


April 7th A-Fish and I went to Puerto Rico with eight of her co-workers.Three guys and

six girls, man nurses can drink, me and Cory are not in the medical field and we towed the line more than a couple times, it's to bad the beer selection was awful, but the rum was good.

We had a condo in Vega Baha, fifty mins west of San Juan, we could see the ocean from the roof top porch but had to drive to the nearest beach.I surfed there the first day, it was small and a long board wave,I didn't have a long board.

The best day was at Domes, that's in Rincon, it was about chest high, that's me the pasty thing, I bet that place is sick fun on a big day.

I wanted to surf close to our place but the swell died. I tried it at Los Tubos but again I needed the long board. It's crazy paddling out it looks like your hands are going to scrape the bottom but its really to deep to stand, you see sea fans and colorful fish too.

Snorkeling is awesome, National Geographic got nothing on being there in person, I saw a Barracuda, first time for me, creepy, this older gent was swimming around with just a mask and pointed to a spot and held his hands apart and slowly moving them up and down, you know, the fish was "this big" I almost didn't look I had seen fish all day, I dove down looked over and saw him diving deeper and pointing, Whoa I don't know how I didn't see it sooner it was 41/2 to 5ft long and inside the lagoon in the pic.Just to the left of that woman and in close past that first drop off of coral, apparently its unusual for them to come inside like that, I don't know.There are these two local kids I guess thirteen and fifteen that have a small cast net, almost like a piece of a larger net and were working together trying to net some of these Parrot fish or medium size Grouper I don't know what they were but really cool looking. I showed the Barracuda to the older kid who seemed impressed and immediately he called his friend over.We are all full of respect and appreciation to this set of teeth sitting on the bottom kinda looking like it wants to be alone, so I thought, they start to stretch the net out between them and I am like no frigging way there gonna try and net this thing, I'm winding my film getting ready to catch this act of insanity when the fish seemed to know what was up, turned and slowly ever so gracefully swam away with two boys in chase.IF they would have ever gotten the net around it, they would have been dragged under water through the opening in the rocks you see to the ocean or just as bad let go of the net to have it rap around the reef some where and trap the fish.

I took a few pics of it none do it justice, it looks like a sardine, but really it was intimidating, I don't know why it is so grainy,maybe from the xray machines at the air port,I have used these disposable Kodak underwater cameras before with good results.

We stopped at a rode side bar on the way home that day and the girls were a big hit.
This pic speaks volumes, she was salsa dancing with him, age gap?
no age gap.

I want to go back just the two of us and spend more time in Old San Juan it was really fun city and Rincon would be a great area to hold up in, I was told of excellent seafood in the fishing towns below Rincon.