Tuesday, March 29, 2005

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Double Bowl

I finished this cherry bowl over the weekend. I really dig it. People don't seem to appreciate the bowls and spoons as much as me,that's understandable though, the lines are pretty suttle(?) but I like where they go. I've made a few of these double bowls lately. Posted by Hello

I wove the seat today.Hickory bark is what I used,this stuff is great, it looks killer,wears great ,gets a burnished surface the more you use the chair and is quite comfy.I soak it for twenty minuits or so,that makes it like leather,the way it feels and works in your hands.Who needs a chair? Posted by Hello

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Monday, March 28, 2005

Last week I was able to work on this chair some more.I made the back slats steam bent them into place,pinned them and cleaned any glue and or blemishes off.Then I stained it, something I dont do very often,it just felt right,and spayed it with laquer,I know,not very traditional but it's fast easy and forgiving to use,plus I like the softness it gives when applied right. Posted by Hello

Sunday ride

Sunday five of us met up at the Gray's house in White Hall for a pre Easter day event's ride. I've been riding once a week, sometimes more, plus p.t every other day,my rides consist of back roads and dirt roads with virtually no traffic was really nice to ride with friends ,and every one needed to ride badly, shaking off winter like a dog shakes off his wet self.
We went to the N.C.R. trail and rode up to the cabins, a short but super fun loop,I was pleasantly surprised to find the n.c.r. to be dry and fast,like its finished freezing and thawing,and the single track to be a bit soft, hardly wet.
For a short ride we ended up with three flats, one was mine and I wish I had the camera, it was a safety pin, a large one, stuck all the way in the center of my rear tire. I thought I broke a spoke, the pin was hitting my frame,I straitened it so it wouldn't hit and rode almost a mile to catch up before it started to loose air.
I had a good time, no rain and nice temps.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Assateague Island

Posted by Hello A.Fish and I went to Ocean City last weekend,it was beautiful, and biked to Assateague island, we left from 15th street.The water, ocean and back bays, were crystal green clear,rode past many wild horses and a lot of sika deer. After, we went for lunch and a round of Golden Tee 2005, and A.Fish gets a hole in one,crazy, it was her first time ever to play!

Monday, March 14, 2005

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Saturday I put the slats in the chair, and tried to give the D.O.G. a hair cut, I butchered him. You cant tell in the pic that well, but he's hacked up pretty good, he definitely feels better.

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Friday I put a chair together.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Long Beach Short Bus

On tuesday we went to the 9:30 club to catch the long beach short bus, had a blast! they played some Bad Brains from the Quickness album and bunch of sublime,more than I had expected,Bless you Sublime!!! pictures suck, sorry. Posted by Hello

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Eric the rock from Sublime. Posted by Hello

Monday, March 07, 2005

Chair parts.

Went to P.T. this morning then to look at a job ,stopped by Todds to put some end grain sealer on a cherry log, and home to work on a ladder back chair,I had made the front and back post already so I needed to turn out some rungs, now they need to dry real good. Posted by Hello

Chili Pot!!

A.Fish and I went to a chili cookoff in Fell Point Saterday at the Dead End Saloon,showed up little late ,did'nt get to enter, that's o.k.,drank some of Clipper City's new beer Marz Hon, clippercitybeer.com ,it's diffrent from what I am used to,Degroens Marzen, but good,I am gonna miss Degroens.Any way A.F makes a great chili pot, nothins going to wast around here! Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 03, 2005


Finally I have solid visual proof.
I here this noise during the summer nights ,late. I live on the second floor , the only apartment in a large barn. This noise is so friggin crazy scary, that I've gotten up and closed/locked the only door to the outside world. Sound's silly but man it freaked me out. I would mention this noise to people, especially my landlords who are fifty yards away, they always say" no Clarkfreak, I didn't here a thing" wich only adds to the " am I really hearing what I think?" aspect of it all.Y ou know waking up at two a.m pressing my face against the screen in a frantic but ill attempt to see what demons are out side my window,always left me with this surreal feeling. Any way people have said it could be a Bobcat, or a coyote, or even a mountain lion,the last two options are quite possible just north of me in P.A , but I think far fetched for around here, so I always leaned more to the Bobcat .Out of a half dozen people who adamantly say the cats are aroud here, only one person had really seen the beast. Their was always skepticism. But two miles from home, on Kings rd. , a major rout for game especially deer to travel through, this thing trots across the road as if we, A.Fish was with me, weren't there I thought it was a rottweiler , had big paws a stub tail ,about as tall as a forty pound dog, but something wasn't right , you could tell it wasn't a dog, then it stopped turned a stared, totally had the points on the ends of it's ears,orange chin and a total cat face! Crazy, it was a dark color that I think would be a winter coat.
So I feel better knowing that it's true, we do have bobcats around here, now to get closure on Aliens and Big foot, actually I don't care about them ,not until I here one anyway.

Come on spring!!! Posted by Hello

glass curio cabinet

I made this glass curio cabinet for a customer.Put the glass in it and deliverd it today. Posted by Hello

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

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Yesterday we woke up to a blanket of snow, I'll report about five and a half inches from a storm that was supposed to dump, apparently It was high up and couldn't make it to the ground on top of a less than a inch sparse dusting up early and drove A. Fish to work down town didn't try to get out the drive way, she might have made it in one shot, if not,you gotta back down and charge it over and over ,I didn't mind being up, it was awesome out at six a.m and traffic ! Man it's so worth leaving that early, traffic was thin and moving well, the roads were fine, totally clear Damn snow plow took out my mail box, looked like someone launched it off of it's rickety mount with a bat, but it wasn't beat up not a dent!